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12 year old takes course at Cerritos College

NORWALK — Twelve-year-old Garrett Cuardros of Bellflower has Asperger’s syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped him from successfully completing an online astronomy course at Cerritos College.

He is one of the youngest students enrolled at Cerritos College under a special permit, a college spokesperson said.

The seventh grader attends Las Flores Home Education Center offered by the Bellflower Unified School District, where he attends three days a week and is home schooled one day a week.

Cuardros attends Enrichment Fridays at Cerritos College, where he participates in science, technology, engineering and math programs, a Mandarin Chinese class and workshops on art, cartooning and more, the spokesperson said.

Asperger’s syndrome is a form of autism that presents some challenges with social situations for the young man, the spokesperson said.

However, it doesn’t keep him from enjoying his love of computer games, learning about history, the planets and mythology, the spokesperson added.

Cuardros plans to enroll in a history class at Cerritos College next year to complete his elective course requirements. He will be able to continue taking classes at the college while he completes grades 8 through 12 at Las Flores.