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The Los Angeles Wave, founded in 1912, is the largest group of community newspapers in Los Angeles. Highly recognized for quality news, 1.2 million people choose us every week. Our reach goes north to the Hollywood Hills, south to Carson, east to Whittier, and west to Culver City. We are proud to be a part of the most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Los Angeles Wave Publications Group is highly recognized for quality local and national news. Because of that, thousands have made www.wavepublication.com and www.laindependent.com their choice for up-to-the minute local news. Our editorial and sales staffs are committed to delivering the highest-quality journalism to our readers and top-notch customer service and marketing opportunities for clients.

1 thought on “About Us

  1. As an African American man and a community activist since 1991 I would like to thank you for including my comments in your article regarding the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissions ruling on the police shooting of Ezell Ford, Brenden Glenn and Charly Afrika.

    You are truly one of the only newspapers round that continue to give a voice to diverse communities instead of the status quo hierarchy.

    Your commitment to informing the community on critical issues is commendable and I applaud your tenacity and honor your professionalism.

    Thank you.

    Prentiss Jenkins, Publisher of City Lyfe Newsletter/Community Activist since 1991

    P.S. You have my permission to post this comment and use my full name and address.
    423 E. 7thSt. #425. Los Angeles, California. 90014

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