At California Hair Salons, You Can Now Enjoy a Drink While Getting Your Hair Done

If you live in California, you’ll now be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine or beer as you get your hair cut.

Earlier this month, the California Assembly approved a piece of legislation that makes it legal for hair salons, barbershops and independent stylists to offer free beer and wine to their customers.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the Assembly’s bill, AB1322, permits hair salons to legally do what limousines and even hot air balloon operators have been allowed to do for decades — serve beer and wine without charge.

Assemblyman Tom Daly, AB1322’s main proponent and a Democrat from Anaheim, explained that many California salons already offer complimentary drinks to their customers even though it was technically illegal for them to do so. Hair salons can now serve a maximum of 12 ounces of beer or six ounces of wine per customer.

David Miller, a spokesman for Daly, told the LA Times that the issue is “one of those areas of law which needs to be updated to reflect modern realities.”

The Assembly unanimously approved the bill in a 74-0 vote; it will now go to the state Senate for further debate.

Not surprisingly, the biggest reason why people have their hair cut, colored or styled is simply to change up one’s look. In a recent study that surveyed 3,000 women, 61% of respondents got a new hairstyle or color because they “just wanted a change.”

Getting your hair styled is also widely seen as an act of pampering one’s self — and being able to enjoy a glass of beer or wine while your locks get the VIP treatment is an even better way to relax. Just make sure you’re over 21 before asking your hair stylist for a drink!