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Author pens final installment in ‘In the Arms of a Savage’ series

Asaad “Wolfe’’ Calloway, who was born savage, only surrounds himself with those who will protect him by any means necessary, his two brothers, Law and Blaze Calloway. 

Law, the most levelheaded of the three serves as his brother’s right-hand man. Blaze, the baby of the family, is only concerned with smoking good, eating good and living his best life. 

Wolfe’s enemies want him dead right when his family needs him most. 

Witness the rise and fall of one of Miami’s most legendary hustlers in “The Most Savage of Them All: The Wolfe Calloway Story” by serial storyteller K.L. Hall.

The new book is the highly anticipated prequel to the “In the Arms of a Savage” series and was inspired by a reader’s review. 

“When I say that I read my reviews I do, and I had no intention [or even the idea] to write a prequel to the “In the Arms of a Savage” series until someone mentioned it in a review,” Hall said.

The series became the author’s first bestseller and addresses themes like love and family values. What Hall enjoys most about the latest and final installment is that “it sheds light on the eldest Calloway brother in a way that didn’t disassemble the storylines of the five books that came before it.”

It’s the author’s hope that this sixth installment in the series will bring closure to her readers. 

“I always strive to write the entertaining novels that I want to write, but I also feel like it’s just as important to write for my readers,” Hall said. “I believe this book is the last piece to the Calloway puzzle.”

The book is intended for fans of the “In the Savage Series” but also those who may not be familiar with the series or the author. 

“It is written in a way where you can enjoy the story no matter where you start,” Hall said.

Hall has authored 29 books and in addition to being an author, she works for the government and a real estate company. To learn more, visit

“The Most Savage of Them All: The Wolfe Calloway Story” is available for $12.99 (paperback) and $2.99 on Kindle, or free with Kindle Unlimited on and

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer