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Bay Foundation to continue restoring LAX Dunes

LOS ANGELES — The Bay Foundation has signed a one-year agreement with the Los Angeles World Airport to conduct monitoring and continue restoration at the LAX Dunes.

The LAX Dunes are the largest remaining coastal dune community in Southern California. The foundation monitoring will assess the extent of the airports restoration of the dunes and provide reports with recommendations. Continued restoration will include monthly and special volunteer events, student internship projects and expanded outreach efforts.

“This agreement allows the Bay Foundation and Los Angeles World Airports to accelerate our efforts to restore this precious landscape,” said Tom Ford, executive director of the Bay Foundation.

“I am indebted to LAWA and the Coastal Commission for their leadership. I am very proud and appreciative of all the volunteers and students that continue to show up every month. Simply put, the transformation of the LAX Dunes is really taking off.”

Since 2013, the airport has removed about four acres of road and infrastructure, culled acres of non-native invasive plant species, scattered native seed collected onsite, developed the “Adopt-A-Dune” program, co-founded the Friends of the LAX Dunes and employs an experienced maintenance and landscaping staff.

In 2015, the foundation began donating staff time to participate in, and eventually lead, monthly volunteer restoration events. Hundreds of volunteers have worked on the site, as well as foundation interns who gained field experience through monitoring and data collection.

“Carrying out [the airport’s] mission to connect people, places and cultures relies on maintaining great partnerships and the Bay Foundation’s work has been instrumental in connecting surrounding communities to the LAX Dunes,” said Samantha Bricker, deputy executive director of environmental programs for the airport. “Through recruiting hundreds of local volunteers each year to restore the LAX Dunes, the Bay Foundation helps us connect people to a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability, right in our communal back yard. We thank the Bay Foundation and those volunteers for their continued commitment to restoring the dunes.”

This year, the Bay Foundation will work with the airport to implement comprehensive monitoring, continue and expand habitat restoration and inform short-term and long-term management of the site.

The foundation will recruit, train and manage personnel as needed to assist with data collection, restoration monitoring and weed removal.

The foundation also will provide quarterly activity reports and submit a final report at the end of the term. Finally, the foundation will pursue funding opportunities to expand and continue restoration efforts throughout the 48-acre site.

The LAX Dunes are nestled between Los Angeles International Airport and the Pacific Ocean. They are home to more than 900 species, including the federally endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly.