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BILL VAUGHAN’S TASTY CLIPS: The best quotes of 2017

Yeah, they said it! As this year comes to a close, TASTY CLIPS has revisited the vaults to pull some of the juiciest and thought-provoking quotes given to us in the last 12 months. Now seeing print for the very first time, we present 2017’s TASTY QUIP CONFIDENTIAL! The views expressed are not necessarily shared by editorial or management.

“It really should be against the law that people can say things about you and they’ve never met you. That just seems foolish to me. Oh OK, you’ve never met me but you’re going to tell me about me. OK.” – BEBE WINANS

“What we were told is that [“The Carmichael Show”] was hard to program around. Much like a difficult member of the family, you love them. They’re obnoxious, crazy, but you’re like, well maybe keep cousin JuJu in the bedroom. We can’t have her at the kitchen table.” – DAVID ALAN GRIER

“Anytime you come into contact with something you judge before interacting with it, you may be doing yourself a disservice. I say keep an open mind and realize that no two stories are exactly the same.” – LAKEITH STANFIELD

“Well I don’t want to talk about that. That’s personal.” – DEBORAH COX on whether she owned any Whitney Houston memorabilia.

“Are we truly going to be our brother’s keeper at the end of the day and see if they’ve made a change? Not forgetting what they’ve done but we’ve forgiven people for a lot worse in this business. I’m not condoning it by any means. I think at some point down the road, maybe look at it again and see if these people have tried to make a real concerted effort to change. And also champion some kind of way, whatever that may be, ways to combat it, because of their experience with it. The bodies of work are kind of set in stone. You can’t take Kevin Spacey out of ‘American Beauty,’ just like you can’t take out Harvey Weinstein’s contribution as a producer.” – JAMES PICKENS JR.

“Some of the best art has been created while high, so whatever gets you to greatness.” – ESTELLE

“The news is weaponized now. Public opinion is not justice but often that’s where we are judged. Everybody deserves their day in court. I also believe some things done in the dark do come to light. We have to deal with it – as a community. But again, we love our stars. We love our icons. We love Marion Jones. Still do. I was sorry to see that, but what can you do? It is what it is.” – ERICKA ALEXANDER

“When someone wants to approach [Will Smith] to take a photo, he has to keep reassuring people that he’s a human being. And that’s how it feels when you meet him. You feel like you’ve known him forever because he’s given so much of himself to his craft and his energy to his career. He loves spreading that word that he’s a human being.” – JACOB LATIMORE

Stanley Clarke

“I saw [Ella Fitzgerald] one morning in Europe. She was cussing out one of her band members. It was a most beautiful European breakfast with chandeliers, crystal, silver and everyone’s dressed to kill. We were the new bunch, like rock musicians, wearing jeans and afros. She was like, ‘You could be going home tomorrow. I should send you home now.’ She was working it. I thought it must be hard being a woman and having a band of ruffians. I used to hear stories about Anita Baker but I understand it. If you’re a woman, you’re either going to get eaten or you’re going to eat.” – STANLEY CLARKE

“The internet and the social media stuff, we all use it but it is the greatest worst invention ever. It has separatism and is hiding emotions. It’s hiding direct contact with people. We have to be very careful in how we proceed in the next 20 to 30 years. Things are going to be dramatically different in this country. As more people feel resented, the more the climate changes. That goes across the board. Whether your gender, color or class. The comedian has got to find a way to navigate that and continue to do what we love to do without being shot down.” – JB SMOOVE

Patti LaBelle

“I did [open a restaurant]. Maybe 15 years ago in Philadelphia. It didn’t do well. Not that the food wasn’t good, it just didn’t happen. A lot of times you do things and hopefully you’ll bring your people in to taste the food. Sometimes black don’t support black. It didn’t do well. I’m going to do that again.” – PATTI LABELLE

“We play rugby and that’s more brutal than American football. We’ve only just put some skin head guards on. There doesn’t seem to be any claims about concussions.” – ADEWALE AKINNUOYE-AGBAJE

“As long as I can remember when I was growing up on the south side of Chicago, they had these gangs. They were beating up on each other. No guns but knives. There was always this issue with gang warfare. The local people were barely influenced by this. Every now and then someone would get caught in crossfire. Today, it’s the same thing. Now on the west side there is this area where gangbangers are shooting each other. They’re not going into black neighborhoods and shooting at the average house or going to doors. That’s not happening at all.” – RAMSEY LEWIS

“No, I have not been approached [by ‘Unsung’]. As long as I don’t have to sign a waiver saying they can play it in perpetuity without paying my union dues. It ain’t pimping. I go to work for a living. If I’m going to go from Cali to Washington to tape something for TV One and they’re not going to pay me my acting wage, I’m not going. I paid dues to support my family.” – PHIL PERRY

“This is not the same century the people who are in charge think it is. There’s going to be a wakeup call and I want to be a part of that. I don’t just mean race relationships but I mean economics and women’s rights. I consider myself a feminist. If you’re not one, I think you need to reexamine yourself.” – MEHCAD BROOKS

TC ON TV: Dec. 22 – “Bright” (Netflix): Will Smith reunites with his “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer for the biggest film to premiere on the streaming service to date! Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace co-star in this buddy movie pitting a human cop and his orc partner against a fantasy world threat. “Harry” (Syn): Gladys Knight “The Rap Game” (Lifetime): “Holiday Remix” “The Tonight Show” (NBC): Issa Rae, Dram featuring Bigbabymom, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen

Dec. 26 – “The 40th Annual Kennedy Center Honors” (CBS): The 2017 recipients are dancer legend Carmen de Lavallade, singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan, hip hop artist and actor LL Cool J, TV writer-producer Norman Lear, and performer-composer Lionel Richie. “Drop The Mic” (TBS): Bell Biv Devoe vs. Pentatonix; Padma Lakshmi vs. Randy Jackson

Dec. 28 – “Apple Music’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story” (FOX): This two-hour documentary goes behind the scenes of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ music empire with Lil’ Kim, French Montana, Usher, Faith Evans and Jay-Z.

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