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BILL VAUGHAN’S TASTY CLIPS: Beyoncé’s biography is among 2015’s FAVE books

We love a good cookbook here at Tasty Clips and 2015 had a number of them with recipes that had us running straight to the kitchen to try out. Among our Faves:

“The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science” by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (NORTON): James Beard-winning Serious Eats blogging star creates the new bible of the kitchen — and it is as heavy as it sounds. Methods, techniques and tips are simply presented through the over 1,000 color photographs. Thumbs up to the marinated kale salad with chick peas and sumac onions recipe.

“The Hell’s Kitchen Cookbook‏: Recipes from the Kitchen” (GCL&S): Now you can learn how to make that famed Beef Wellington with Blackberry Sauce, and Creamy Asparagus Risotto with Lemon and Mascarpone without Chef Gordon Ramsey calling you a donkey.

“For Lovers Only: A Cookbook and More” by Sherry Winston (.com): The world-renowned jazz flutist has created a sultry package to set that mood in the home. In addition, to the simply done dishes and wine recommendations, her new CD is included to the mix.  Chapter 11 on aphrodisiacs and stimulants is a must read. Adding licorice to the list now.

“The People’s Place: Soul Food Restaurants and Reminiscences from the Civil Rights Era to Today” by Dave Hoekstra; Foreword by Chaka Khan (Chicago Review): The beloved spots of the movement get chapters with recipes including Miss Robbie Montgomery’s Sweetie Pies, Dookie Chase’s in New Orleans, Paschal’s in Atlanta, Ben’s Chili Bowl in D.C. and Sylvia’s in New York.

TC ON TV: Jan. 1 – “The BET Life of” (BET): Brandy. “The Rap Game” (Lifetime): Five emerging young hip hop artists are given the opportunity to rhyme and flow with Jermaine Dupri mentoring. Queen Latifah and her partner Shakim Compere are exec producers with special guests such as Usher, Ludacris, Da Brat, T.I. and Silentó.

Jan. 2 – “Austin City Limits” (PBS): Alabama Shakes and Vintage Trouble.

Jan. 5 – “Finding Your Roots” (PBS): Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s show gets a third season after its suspension over Ben Affleck’s family cover-up. Donna Brazile, Ty Burrell and Kara Walker are subjects. The Haves and the Have Nots (OWN): Can’t wait! “Zoe Ever After” (BET): Brandy’s new sitcom premieres.  “Real Husbands of Hollywood” (BET): Returns with more mayhem.

Jan. 6 – “American Idol” (Fox): The final season begins. “Rev Runs Around The World” (Travel): Geneva and Amsterdam.

Jan. 7 – “Shades of Blue” (NBC): Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta star in this cop series. “Growing Up Hip Hop: The Master Plan” (WE): Raised by hip hop legends, Angela Simmons, Romeo Miller, Damon “Boogie” Dash, Kristinia DeBarge, TJ Mizell and Egypt Criss get a reality show. “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Now we’ll close this special edition with some TASTY QUIPS from the entertainment biographies and memoirs that were among our favorite reads:

“Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story” by J. Randy Taraborrelli (Grand Central): “This business sucks every goddamn thing out of you. I’m going to keep as much of myself for myself as I can. I’m sorry, but I’m just not going to give it all away. I don’t care what people think about it, either.” – BEYONCE’

“Wake Up Happy” by Michael Strahan with Veronica Chambers (Atria): “Kelly [Ripa] walked in.  She didn’t say, ‘Ok, we’re giving you the job.’ Her exact words were: ‘We want to know if you would do us the honor of considering taking over as a full-time host.’ I mean, she asked me in the nicest possible way, which meant so much, and says so much about her character as a person. I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘You had me at considering.’” – MICHAEL STRAHAN

“The Face That Changed It All” by Beverly Johnson with Allison Samuels; With a Foreword by Andre Leon Talley (Atria): “It was early in Eddie [Murphy]’s success, and man, was he full of himself! I had thrown a party at Mr. Chow, the swank eatery on the Upper East Side, and Eddie had brought his bodyguards with him, which was bad enough. What was worse was that he invited them to sit down and eat at Mr. Chow alongside Mick Jagger and other celebrities.  Even worse, those same bodyguards also went into the bathroom and told Mick Jagger to leave so Eddie could use the bathroom by himself. Can you believe that? Needless to say, that romantic connection ended very quickly.” – BEVERLY JOHNSON

“But Enough About Me: A Memoir” by Burt Reynolds and Jon Winokur; With a Foreword by Jon Voight (Putnam): “I once told Ossie [Davis] that at Florida State I was the fastest guy on the team in the 100, 220, and 440. ‘How many blacks did you have?’ he said. ‘None,’ I said. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘that might have had something to do with it.’ – BURT REYNOLDS

“Little Anthony: My Journey, My Destiny” by Arlene Krieger (Mascot): “Redemption: that is my life. I know I wasn’t always that good of a person; I did a lot of bad things in my life. I drank, womanized, cheated on my first wife, ignored my kids, and took way too many drugs, but here I stand by the grace of God.” – ANTHONY GOURDINE

“Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes (Simon & Schuster): “I believe everyone’s body is theirs and everyone has a right to love their body in whatever size and shape and package it comes in. I will fight for anyone’s right to do so. I will kick ass and take names if I have to. Your body is yours. My body is mine. No one’s body is up for comment. No matter how small, how large, how curvy, how flat. If you love you, then I love you.” — SHONDA RHIMES