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Black women empowerment is theme for ‘Dear Beautiful’


“From childhood onward, black women are assaulted with negative messages about their appearance, personalities, behavior and self-worth,” said Gail Thompson, author of “Dear Beautiful! A Self-Empowerment Book for Black Women.”

Thompson, who has devoted her life to empowering black women and teens as well as others from traumatic backgrounds, was inspired by her own adverse life experiences to write this book. 

“It’s a combination of the pain and the years wasted that I experienced but then just seeing so many black girls following in my footsteps in terms of not knowing who they really are,” Thompson said.

“Dear Beautiful” is broken into two parts concerning outside and inner beauty. Part one focuses on outer beauty and one of the topics addressed includes learning to love and accept who God has created one to be physically. Part two is centered around inner beauty and addresses topics such as self-esteem, learning to love and accept one’s personality, and learning to work on certain areas so that personality is one that suits them and others.

In each chapter, Thompson includes daily affirmations, life lessons, stories and art therapy. There are also personal growth exercises that challenge readers to identify negative messages that they might have internalized.

The strategies found inside the book will equip readers with the tools necessary to become successful and live their best lives.

“I want readers to be inspired by my personal resiliency story, and to use the affirmations, strategies, personal growth exercises, art therapy and other aspects of the book to develop a strategic plan in order to improve the quality of their lives.”

It was important for Thompson to write such an empowering book.

“I don’t want black women and girls to view themselves as ‘less than’ anyone else, and want them to know that they are beautiful, talented, created in God’s image, and capable of doing great things in life,” said the author.

In addition to being an author, Thompson is the founder and CEO of Inspirations by Gail LLC where she provides equity-related professional services to educators, parents, women, children, and more. She is based in Oceanside. To learn more about the author and her work visit

“Dear Beautiful! A Self-Empowerment Book for Black Women” is available for $15 on Amazon and can be ordered at traditional bookstores.

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer