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BOOK CORNER: A teenaged mother’s journey to success

At the age of 17, Special found herself pregnant with her third child, balancing life as a high school senior and living in foster care.

She also had a drug-addicted parent, lost her father as an infant, and has experienced sexual, mental and emotional abuse. However, none of those experiences stopped her from succeeding. Through spiritual guidance, determination and tears, Special endured and overcame the odds that were against her.

Journey with Special as she conquers life in, “It’s Okay To Cry: When the Odds are Against You” by a Los Angeles native. Lynne Jasames decided to write this book to help people who may struggle with the same issues as Special. The author used her own life’s experiences as the lens to navigate what to write.

“I wrote the book to help others know they are not alone and [for them] to be able to read a story of success after [experiencing] so much trauma, drama and pain,” Jasames said.

It’s a compelling story of perseverance and a journey of success, where the main character leans on her faith to defeat all odds.

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By sharing her story, Jasames reminds readers that they can overcome the obstacles of life. She hopes readers will “see their own weaknesses, mistakes, challenges and strengths after reading this book.”

In addition to being an author, Jasames has been employed with the Department of Family Services for nearly two decades. She also is a motivational speaker and serves as director of the nonprofit organization Supporting Underprivileged Americans, which aims to ignite the talents and skill sets of Americans. Jasames is a graduate of L.A. Southwest College, UNLV and University of Phoenix.

“It’s Okay to Cry: When the Odds are Against You” is available for $16.95 on and Amazon.