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BOOK CORNER: African-American heritage spotlighted in unique format

“African American Heritage: A Unique Experience in Culture and History,” by Dennis DeLoach, is a new book that teaches African-American heritage to readers of all backgrounds.

Inspiration for the book came from research DeLoach conducted for a literature class while in college.

“Author/poet Langston Hughes had an immediate impact on me and on my decision to become a writer and I wrote an essay on New York’s Harlem Renaissance during the 1920s,” DeLoach said. “That project also revealed that I knew very little about my ancestors and the legacies they left; the desire to share that information and more led to the creation of ‘Souldword,’ later changed to ‘African American Heritage.’”

The book is uniquely structured in that it not only includes poetry and biographical profiles, but also puzzles, word games, cultural quizzes and more to further enlighten readers on African-American heritage.

DeLoach describes himself as a creative individual and the idea to structure his book in this way came from his desire to educate readers in an exciting way.

“How exciting it would be to include biographical information and put it in this fun and educational format,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know, adults as well as young adults, all of the information and more that I have in my book and once they begin to get into it, they can absorb the content and become motivated to read and get involved with the puzzles.”

“African American Heritage” will grab the attention of readers and teach African-American readers about their heritage especially.

“If some of the young people especially knew more about themselves of yesteryear, then they would perhaps probably live their life with a little more love and respect for one another,” DeLoach said.

In addition to being an author, DeLoach is a playwright and a custom framer. He also hosts a bi-monthly poetry event, SWAAM. DeLoach lives in Los Angeles.

On March 28, he will participate in a book signing at the Black Writers on Tour event in Carson. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“African American Heritage: A Unique Experience in Culture and History” is available for $8 via and for $5 in Malik’s Bookstore, Zharah’s Books and Things, Shades of Africa Books and Dr. Rosie Milligan’s Bookstore.