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BOOK CORNER: Author combines short stories, one-act plays, essays into book

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Word Food for Doods” by Duane Lance Filer is a compilation of various writing formats. The new book contains three short stories, two one-act plays and two essays.

“It is a funky gumbo of the written word for different types of media — books … the theater … and magazines,” Filer said.

Many of the stories found inside “Word Food for Doods” are from the author’s personal experiences, while others are from far-out fantasies. Some of the stories are funny while others try to tackle serious issues.

“These seven stories cover a lot of ground, from racism to diversity, from being single and going to Laker games with the fellas, to raising kids and cooking … and, of course, marriage and life onward,” Filer said. “Life is eclectic and diverse.”

Filer, a Compton native, shares stories of his college life (1970-1974), through his first years of marriage (1977-1987) and during his 29 years of work experience (1984-2013) catching the train from Carson to downtown Los Angeles while working for the state Public Utilities Commission.

One of the author’s favorite parts of the book is the play, “The Tattle-Tale Grin of Kid Spade,” because it spotlights a black cowboy and addresses racism during western times.

Duane Lance Filer

Filer’s new book will no doubt be an enjoyable experience for readers.

“This book will make you step back and think – and I hope it brings a thought to your mind on some serious subjects, and a smile on your face regarding other issues,” Filer said.

Filer’s target audience is adults, particularly young adults. It was written for men, but the author believes the book will entertain both sexes.

“I think the guys will like it, but also the women will like it because it will give you an insight into what we men think,” Filer said.

The author is currently working on part two of the “Diddley Squat” series and a screenplay about cancer. He lives in Carson.

“Word Food for Doods” is available for $14 (softcover) or $25 (hardcover) online via, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AuthorHouse, Xilbris, and IUniverse.