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BOOK CORNER: Author creates exciting way to tell black history

The history of black contributions to this world can be taught year-round and in the book series “The Talented Tenth Historical & Present,” author Ashley Feazell has created a fun way to do just that.

The series highlights Pan-African culture and the achievements of black people across the globe by focusing on a variety of topics from pioneers, revolutionaries, leaders, athletes and civil rights activists.

Inside each book, young readers are presented with stories of 10 historical figures in black history. The books come in volumes and there are currently five books in circulation.

The series was inspired by Feazell’s love for black history and her desire to combat the decline of black history lessons in schools.

“The experience of my son finally getting to learn black history made me want to be a solution to this problem,” Feazell said. “I hadn’t found any teaching tools, so instead of complaining, I just created them.”

Ashley Feazell

The informative series will no doubt inspire young readers and hopefully make them eager to learn more about black history, Feazell added.

“We are learning that representation matters and I want them to read my books and come away feeling like they can relate to this great person and become great themselves,” Feazell said.

Her most popular selling books are the civil rights book, which features historical figures like Marcus Garvey; and her revolutionaries book, which features notable people like Harriet Tubman and Shaka Zulu.

Feazell has also created flash cards and coloring activity books for each book. The extra tools can be used as a means to help younger children articulate the work of historical figures.

Feazell lives in Redondo Beach. For more information about this series, visit

“The Talented Tenth Historical & Present” books are available for $12.99 each on, and