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BOOK CORNER: Author encourages readers to embrace metamorphosis

“The Life of a Butterfly: Secrets to Embracing Your Journey into Womanhood,” by Shellie Slack, is an interactive and motivational self-help book geared toward teenaged girls and young women.

This is Slack’s first book and it was written following a period in her life where she found herself on a spiritual journey of finding joy, peace and purpose for her life.

“Life of a Butterfly” consists of eight chapters that will help readers as they experience the unavoidable transformations in their lives. Slack uses her experiences and insight to provide readers with tools to process and navigate the challenges, lessons, joys and pains that life brings. She tackles topics like bondage, self-love and more.

“My book serves as a guide and healing tool for teen girls and young women,” Slack said. “Each chapter provides a space for self- reflection.”

There are reflection questions at the end of most of the chapters that correlate with what the chapter discussed. Also, in the final chapter there is a culminating activity that asks to identify what areas readers need to grow in and what areas they have a sense of mastery in.

“It’s just a reminder that we’re all a continued work in progress,” Slack said. “It’s great to always be able to see and pinpoint your growth.”

As Slack shares her journey, readers will gain a different perspective of womanhood.

“My belief is that the message in this book will reach and inspire millions of teenage girls and young women across the world to charge ahead through the tragedies of life and take flight toward their greater destiny,” Slack said. “If God can rescue my heart from the pain of my past, then I believe He can do the same for you.”

Also, Slack has produced the workbook, “The Life of a Butterfly: Master of Self Perception Activity & Workbook” to help readers continue their journeys of self-discovery.

In addition to being an author, Slack is a high school teacher and certified life coach for teens and young adults. She is based in Los Angeles. To learn more about the author and her work visit

“The Life of a Butterfly: Secrets to Embracing Your Journey into Womanhood” is available for $19.95 on and $17.95 on