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BOOK CORNER: Author encourages talk about domestic violence

In her debut book, “It’s Okay to Tell Your Story: Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence,” author Gwendolen Wilder, shows readers that it is all right to speak up and out about domestic violence. The new book is a fictional story based on the author’s personal life experiences, memories and subject matter expertise in the areas of psychology, social services and business management.

She initially started writing as a healing mechanism during her recovery but soon discovered her story needed to be shared.

“Along the way, God told me that not only was I to learn a lesson, but I was to use my lesson to help others better understand the victim’s and survivor’s point of view as well as be an inspiration to show those suffering,” Wilder said.

In her book, readers will find real conversations from the author’s recollections of her own experiences. Wilder also includes action plans and information on resources that can help those experiencing abuse, the abusers themselves and the bystanders.

What makes her story unique is “nothing and everything,” she said.

Gwendolen Wilder

“Nothing because, her story is not more important as the victim before or after her,” Wilder said. “Everything, because she’s being unapologetic and vulnerable using her particular story to tell other victims ‘It’s OK to tell their story.’”

Her hope is to raise awareness and spread knowledge about the available resources for the key players in any domestic violence relationship.

Wilder is an author, business strategist and motivational consultant. She currently creates workshops and classes based off her book. To learn more and to also receive discounts on her book, please visit her online at

“It’s Okay to Telly My Story: Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence” is available for $28.99 (Paperback), $34.99 (Hardcover), and $14.99 (E-Book) on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.