BOOK CORNER: Author examines her ancestry in new books

September 14, 2017

Studying family histories can be an enriching experience. In “Reflections 1 Family History” and “Reflections 2 Family History: Research Tips, Historical Events, Origins & Traditions” author Bettye Thymes-Whitson provides a compelling compilation of her family’s history.

The concept of her books began when she started researching her family’s history.

“I wanted to write about some of the trials and triumphs of my ancestors,” Thymes-Whitson said.

The books cover five generations, beginning with the census of 1870 until present day. The books are filled interesting stories that will open their minds to how many families lived during such time periods.

Inside “Reflections 1” readers will find an introduction to the Thymes and Jones families.

Bettye Thymes-Whitson

In “Reflections 2,” Thymes-Whitson continues the trend of comparing the lives of her relatives to some of the contemporaries of each time period. In “Reflections 2,” readers can also find more historical charts, maps and ancestral information.

“People always say they don’t understand history,” said the author who tried to write her book in a way that people can understand. She hopes that the book can help unite people and families who are divided.

Her books are intended for all audiences and will especially appeal to genealogy and history lovers. It can also serve as a learning tool for children and as a historical resource reference book.

Thymes-Whitson provides helpful tips so that readers can start their journey to uncovering their own family histories.

She hopes that through sharing her legacy, readers “can look back on [their own] legacy and see it as precious and something that you want to know more about and share those precious memories with others.”

To purchase “Reflections 1” and/or “Reflections 2” please email the author at The price of the books starts at $25 each.