BOOK CORNER: Author inspires self-reflection with her latest book of poetry

Grief, anger and fear are a few emotions that are natural to any human experience. 

In “More Than Conquerors: An arrangement of poetic transparencies highlighting diverse moments of vulnerability, distress, self-examination and revelation” author Nieema Peyrefitte takes readers on a journey of reflection and self-discovery.

“More than Conquerors” is Peyrefitte’s second poetry book. Her first book, “The Gift of Victory,” inspired her to create another one. The poems in her new book chronicle emotions like frustration, stress, anger and grief that Peyrefitte felt in 2018.

 “There were a variety of emotions I felt and I just wrote in the moment of those emotions,” she said.

Peyrefitte has found writing therapeutic since she was a teenager. 

“I used to write while directly in the midst of going through a particular experience or having a strong emotional reaction to a situation, and it would fully maximize the freedom I would feel after releasing the pen to paper,” Peyrefitte said. 

In “More than Conquerors” she encourages readers to take a reflective journey and tap into their raw emotions. 

“I hope that readers are inspired to write after reading this book,” Peyrefitte said. “I know that there are folks out there who detest writing of any kind, but it can be extremely therapeutic to your soul and you never know who can benefit from your story.”

The author’s favorite poem in the book is “You are There.” 

“I wrote it during very stressful moments occurring almost back to back, and I found myself mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted,” Peyrefitte said. “It was such a timely reminder that God sees everything, is accessible at any given moment, and does not leave my side!”

The poems inside “More than Conquerors” will inspire readers to tap into their own raw emotions. The intended audience includes “anyone who needs an encouraging reminder that what you are going through currently is not your end, God is not finished with you yet.”

In addition to being an author, Peyrefitte is a resource specialist for high school students with mild to moderate disabilities. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughters. To learn more about the author and her upcoming events visit her website, versedinvictory.com.

“More than Conquerors” is available for $7.99 on versedinvictory.com and on Amazon.com. 

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer