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BOOK CORNER: Author inspires women to live their best lives

Everyone is born with a purpose and the capacity to reach their full potential. In “L.O.V.E. Ladies Operating Very Effectively: Finding the Power to Change Your World,” author Dianne Shorte challenges women to reach deep inside themselves to find the power to change their world.

The book is designed to motivate and inspire women to live in the present and features stories of ordinary women operating effectively in all facets of their lives. The women featured are ethnically, socially and economically diverse.

The book was inspired by Shorte’s childhood growing up in a single-parent household in a neighborhood where the heads of households were women.

“I saw women work hard and give so much of themselves to others, yet they failed to ask themselves, ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is my purpose,’” Shorte said.

Her goal through writing this book is to “inspire women to be authentic, find their purpose, work together, love each other and never give up on themselves or their dreams, and to find the power to change their world by using the inspiration of other women to succeed.”

Dianne Shorte

The stories included in the book address topics such as marriage, finances, service and more. Each story shared will encourage women to find the power to overcome their circumstances and spark real change in their lives.

Each chapter ends with a quote to further motivate the reader. Her favorite quote shared is, “What you focus on will guide the direction your life will take. Make sure your vision is aimed at your purpose.”

In addition to being an author, Shorte works for a major Los Angeles law firm. She lives in Century City.

“L.O.V.E Ladies Operating Very Effectively” is available for $14 on and