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BOOK CORNER: Author links black history with various musical genres

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Black American History, From Plantations to Rap Culture,” by Pascal Archimede, highlights the black American influence on music and how it is directly connected to their experiences beginning with their first step on American soil.

“A summary of politics, culture and spirituality; made of resistance, resilience and driven by a constant desire to reconnect with the ancestors who stayed in the Motherland. This story is a saga, and each note of this music is the best evidence that black people have never given up,” Archimede writes in the book.

Archimede’s studies served as inspiration for his book. He holds a master’s degree in English with a specialization in American civilization and has focused his research on the link between the evolution of black people in American and the various musical genres they have created.

For Archimede, writing this book served as a “duty of memory.”

“This is one of the missions that was given to me on this planet; my body will die, but my writings will stay,” Archimede said. “It’s a way to thank our ancestors for the fights that they made and which is the reason why we are maybe more comfortable than they were.”

Archimede hopes readers of his book recognize the close link between music and history.

Pascal Archimede

“Indeed, at each step of their evolution on American soil, black people have created a type of music as an angle to tell the construction of the black community in the country of Uncle Sam,” Archimede said.

Readers of all backgrounds who are interested in black history and music will likely appreciate this book. Archimede’s intended audience are readers ages 10 and up.

“We don’t have any impact on past history but the fact of being aware of our past history can help us improve our present and of course our future,” said the author.

In addition to being an author, when in France, Archimede works for Nofi, a black-owned, French-speaking media company. He also works as an English language trainer, translator and interpreter in France. Currently in the United States, he is working on developing a company with his wife. He lives in Hollywood, Florida with his family.

“Black American History, From Plantations to Rap Culture” is available for $25 on Amazon.