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BOOK CORNER: Author offers new bedtime tradition in children’s book

“Renz Bedtime Prayer” is a new picture book for children by Larenz and Raykel Tolson.

“Renz Bedtime Prayer” was inspired by the lyrics of one of Larenz Tolson’s original songs.

“It originally comes from a song that I made as a child on the Ren’s Rhymes album; the prayer was written as an alternative to the ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’ prayer that elicits thoughts of death,” Tolson said. “Rather than be in fear, this bedtime prayer is one of thanks for the simple things in life.”

For Tolson, writing children books not only allows him to connect with his younger self but it also allows him to connect with and impact the younger generations.

“We really have to meet the kids where they’re at and teach them well,” the author said. “If we can teach them these types of things now, when they are our age they’re going to be way ahead of us.”

“Renz Bedtime Prayer” is meant to be read before bed and may inspire children to engage in self-reflection before falling asleep.

“As a children’s book, it is a great way to teach children to pray and be thankful for the things we may take for granted,” Tolson said.

The book is intended for children between the ages of 3 and 8 who are just starting to read.

“I want readers to truly believe the words that they read, whether it’s a child, parent, grandparent or anyone else,” said the author. “Before bed, I feel it is important to remember the good things that happened and be thankful for another day spent with loved ones.”

“Renz Bedtime Prayer” is Tolson’s first book and he hopes that it is the start of a children’s book series. He is currently working on another book that will share affirmations geared toward children.

In addition to being an author, Tolson is a music teacher by day and an airport employee by night. He is based in Los Angeles. Tolson enjoys connecting with readers and may be found on Facebook and Instagram @Larenz Tolson.

“Renz Bedtime Prayer” is available for $16.95 via With each purchase buyers get a promo code to purchase Ren’s Rhymes for $1.