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BOOK CORNER: Author offers observations on the state of black people

“We Are Becoming the Problem Now,” by Michael Abayomi Alabi, addresses the current state of people of the African diaspora.

The book questions why some ethnicities are progressive and others are not progressive and claims that the current problems faced by black people are not with the slave or colonial masters. It ultimately asks the question, are we becoming the problem now?

Alabi’s book was inspired by his concern for his daughter’s future and the future generations.

“We are not laying a good groundwork right now,” the author said. “We ought not to be where we are right now. We are undirected. We need strong leadership and unity of heart and mind in our community.”

In this Christian-based book, the author connects faith with the history of the ancestors and the reality of the descendants of the African diaspora. The book is split into 10 chapters addressing topics such as slavery, civility, education, self-hatred and more.

“We Are Becoming the Problem Now” will challenge readers to harness their zeal and knowledge comprehensively so that they may live progressive lives.

“It is very important for me to create my book because I see the further denigration of our ethnicity and how we contribute to our own demise now,” Alabi said. “I strongly believe that we can overcome the tragedy of the past.”

“We Are Becoming the Problem Now” is intended for “black people, every lover of justice and truth, those who have been maligned, abused, dehumanized, and every human being who speaks but has no voice, who lives but has no platform, and who is alive but dead.”

Alabi hopes readers of his book gain self-awareness, self-actualization, and an urge to seek the truth.

“Once you know whose you are, you can now actualize who you are meant to be,” Alabi said. “The only way out of this quagmire is the way of the truth alone.”

In addition to being an author, Alabi is a hospice nurse. To connect with the author visit his Facebook page, Hope and Redemption. He lives in Costa Mesa.

“We Are Becoming the Problem Now” is available for $25.95 on and