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BOOK CORNER: Author offers reminder of power in communication

People do not communicate like they used to. Conversations that used to take place through phone calls are now held through text messages.

Even though technological advancements are great and convenient, they have caused people to lose the personal touch that makes communication with others so special.

If you find yourself wanting to learn or relearn how to build and maintain a connection that can transcend a text message, then you must pick up “Let Me Tell You a Story … A Memoir” by author Patricia Jones Thurmond. Her book is filled with biographical vignettes that remind readers how to build personal connections through intimate conversations and interactions with others.

Inspiration for the book came from her desire to share memories of the family and friends that have enriched her life.

“The book will honor them and perhaps lead others to appreciate more fully their own connections,” said the author.

Readers will find poignant, funny and thought-provoking stories that celebrate the commonalities of the human spirit. It highlights the benefits that are produced when there are positive connections between people.

Through Thurmond’s sharing of universal experiences, readers will no doubt see themselves and their families inside her stories. Her book is intended for all ages and she hopes that readers revisit the book as they reach different stages in their lives.

Thurmond is a retired educator and administrator. She is also a spoken-word artist, storyteller and former member of the Mystery Writers of America. She currently lives in Inglewood.

Thurmond will be participating in the third annual Inglewood Literary Arts Festival from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 15 at the Inglewood Public Library, 101 W. Manchester Blvd.

“Let Me Tell You a Story … A Memoir” is available for $11.99 at bookstores and online at