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BOOK CORNER: Author pens memoir about father-and-son relationships

“Views From the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son” by Ross Victory, is a new memoir that follows the author’s relationship, from a young boy to a man, with his dad, Claude B. Victory Jr.

In the book, Victory uses comparative analysis between plane flight and life experiences.

“When you consider a plane flight, you consider the destination, the origin, the takeoff, the journey, the landing, the turbulence that a plane experiences at 35,000 feet, you think about do you go through the storm or do you go around the storm,” Victory said. “Those are some of the parallels I draw back to life.”

At its core, “Views From the Cockpit” is about life perspectives through the eyes of a father-son relationship. It explores the various life events that can happen over a lifetime like divorce, coping with loss and establishing manhood.

“It was important for me to complete this book because I truly felt like it was a way to memorialize and crystalize the loss of my dad,” Victory said. “Almost to keep him alive in a way, which makes sense to me because words never die.”

Victory’s father died of cancer and elder abuse so he also addresses the topic in a unique way.

“Elder abuse is something that’s unreported because it usually happens in nursing homes with people who are passing, but one of my main goals was to expose different warning signs of how abuse occurs and who it occurs from,” Victory said.

“Views from the Cockpit” was intended for fathers and sons, but the messages of family, legacy and life experiences can reach a universal audience.

“I truly hope it inspires people to take a high level of perspective of their lives and understand that they are on a journey that cannot be rushed, slowed, recreated or erased,” Victory said. “With those realities, there is power through ownership of experience.”

In addition to being an author, Victory works in management and operations in the education industry. He lives in downtown Los Angeles.

“Views from The Cockpit: The Journey of a Son” is available for $14.99 (paperback) and $7.99 (E-book) on and other online sites such as Amazon. It’s also available in Los Angeles book stores Skylight Books LA, Malik’s Books, Booksoup and Vromans.