BOOK CORNER: Author releases emotional pain through new book

September 8, 2017

As a child, La Cherie Armour experienced domestic violence in the home and as she grew older she faced the psychological trauma of feeling unsafe and helpless to change her environment.

Armour, who understands the effects of being a victim of a broken home such as fears of distrust and abandonment, has used her life experiences to create a book that will reach both women and men working to build stable relationships.

In “Emotionally Unstable: Growing Up Without My Daddy,” Armour tells the compelling story of her 20-year journey of carrying emotional pain.

The book was written following an emotional breakdown that nearly took Armour over the edge.

“When I started out with the book, I felt like life was over,” Armour said. “Now I look back, like ‘I came through that,’ because there was something greater for me to do [which was] to inspire young girls to choose wisely.”

La Cherie Armour

Inside the psychodrama, readers will find a journey that they can identify with.

“The book doesn’t preach to you but it allows you step into your own world through my own journey. It’s designed to help you heal,” Armour said.

She hopes her book inspires readers to be honest about where they are on their journeys and that the book can be the door for them to begin walking toward healthy relationships.

Her motto is L.I.F.E. which stands for Love, Intimacy, Forgiveness and Emotional Pain. She believes that if a person can be mature about all of those areas then they can have a well-balanced life.

Armour is an author and businesswoman currently pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree in organizational leadership. She lives in Los Angeles.

“Emotionally Unstable: Growing Up Without My Daddy” is available for $13.99 online at and

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