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BOOK CORNER: Author shares her story about female circumcision

In the village called Suduku, located in a remote area of Sierra Leone, teenaged girls are to be circumcised at the age of 15. The tribal custom of cutting the female clitoris and then being initiated into a secret society can cause trauma for the young women that undergo the brutal process.

In “Kajeemah, Female Circumcision, My Story,” author Elizabeth Yaba shares the story of her experience growing up in such a culture. The book chronicles Yaba’s experience in the village, her circumcision and her eventual journey to America.

After decades of remembering the pain and shame of her circumcision, Yaba knew that she must speak out.

“What inspired me is the quest to become a voice for the voiceless,” Yaba said.

Yaba uses facts, real events and real people to tell her story. She hopes that readers of her book realize that circumstances can change and that they can rise above them.

Sharing her experiences have proven to be therapeutic for Yaba and she hopes that the creation of her book will help thousands of voiceless women begin to heal their pains as well.

Elizabeth Yaba

In addition to being an author, Yaba is the host of her own television show that airs on KCOP Channel 13 and radio show that airs on 102.3 KJLH and 93.5 KDAY. Her goal is to one day have a show that addresses a woman’s right to choose not to be circumcised.

“There is so much power in the media and with the most influential voices, America can change the world of female circumcision to celebrating girls untouched just as they were born,” Yaba said.

“Kajeemah, Female Circumcision, My Story” is available for $14.95 (paperback) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and