BOOK CORNER: Author shares testimony in ‘The Best is Yet to Come’

March 1, 2018

“The Best is Yet to Come: A Testimony of One Young Man’s Redemption” is a profound retelling of the life of James C. Birdsong Jr. The book documents his life growing up in an inner city, his battle with a learning disability and the struggles and triumphs he experienced as he found his own voice.

The book consists of 25 chapters that will no doubt inspire readers of all backgrounds to press forward and pursue their dreams. The concept is something that was instilled in the author at a young age.

Birdsong was encouraged by his family and friends to share his story.

“Growing up in Richmond, California, born with a developmental disability that resulted in a speech impediment, I am truly indeed a living, walking miracle,” the author said. “If God can take someone like me raised in the inner city and make him into somebody with a purpose, then I know He can do the same for others.”

Birdsong’s debut book is intended for a universal audience. His goal through sharing his story is to empower and motivate young people especially to never let obstacles hold them back from following their dreams.

James Birdsong Jr.

“They have to learn how to get up and keep on going,” Birdsong said. “In the end, God is going to bless them and they will have a testimony they can share with other young people and those they come in contact with.”

In addition to being an author, Birdsong is a graduate student, pastor, gospel artist and entrepreneur. He lives in Austell, Georgia.

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“The Best is Yet to Come: A Testimony of One Young Man’s Redemption is available for $21.95 (paperback) through all major bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Baker & Taylor.