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BOOK CORNER: Author sheds light on Fidel Castro in new book, ‘Escobar’s Revenge’

Escobar Santana is one of the most feared hitmen for Cuba’s President Fidel Castro. He was born in the states but seeks revenge on all of Cuba’s politicians that played a role in the killing of his father.

That’s the basis for “Escobar’s Revenge,” the latest book from authors, Stanley James II and Keshia Williams.

“Escobar’s Revenge” shows James’ versatility as an author and the book was not only inspired by his family but also by his interest in history.

“My father’s background is from the islands, mainly St. Kitts and Nevis, as well as Cuba and Panama City, Florida,” James said.

James always has been fascinated by Fidel Castro’s presidency and relationship with organized crime.

“It’s extremely important for me to create this book to shed light on some of the inner mob dealings that Castro was involved in as well as with John F. Kennedy’s presidency here in America,” James said.

The new book addresses some of the dealings Kennedy and Castro engaged in in Cuba, Miami, and Los Angeles. James also highlights how organized crime made its way into the fabric of America and the initial dealings that were made that “helped expand America.”

“Escobar’s Revenge” is intended for readers who enjoy using their imaginations and learning history.

“My readers will gain valuable insight on how the mob played an intricate role in the presidencies of both John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro and how their presidencies helped shape the world today,” James said.

His favorite character in the book is Escobar’s friend, Chico.

“He shows you loyalty,” said the author. “He didn’t have anything and he wasn’t the type to be jealous of a person who had more than him.”

In addition to being an author, James works on production sets as a model and actor. He lives in North Long Beach. The author is currently working on a sequel to “Escobar’s Revenge” that will focus on the Hollywood scene and the role clubs have played in mob dealings.

“Escobar’s Revenge” is available for $3.79 (paperback) and $1.99 (Kindle) on,, and