BOOK CORNER: Author shows readers how to react against racist acts

Incidents of racial profiling have been an issue for policy makers and African Americans for decades.

False 911 calls and misleading reports of criminal wrongdoings add more fuel to the issue. In his new e-book, “Fighting Back! A Citizen’s Guide to Combatting Racist Acts,” political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson provides a detailed series of practical steps that can be taken to stop false 911 police calls, malicious racial targeting and other indignities faced by black people.

Hutchinson has written more than two dozen books concerning race and politics in America. His latest book, “Fighting Back!,” is a timely blueprint on how to combat racial profiling and its effects on the nation.

“African Americans have many recourses to fight back against racially malicious 911 calls, harassment, profiling and various other racial indignities,” Hutchinson said. “They can file lawsuits, attempt citizens arrests, formal complaints, demand firings and discipline of employees who profile them and press charges. The point is to take some action and not keep silent.”

“Fighting Back!” was inspired by Hutchinson’s reaction to the silence from many people who are impacted directly by racial profiling.

“So many blacks shrug their shoulders and go quietly into the night when they are profiled,” said the author. The silence could be due to “fear, ignorance, conditioning and simply not knowing they do have remedies within and without the law.”

“Fighting Back!” will inspire readers to act once faced with racist activity.

“Anyone can and must do more than talk and complain when they suffer racial profiling,” Hutchinson said. “They have a range of remedies within and without the legal system to act.”

The author’s favorite part of his book is the section where he shares how to “turn the table” on racially malicious 911 callers.

In addition to being an author, Hutchinson is a media commentator, political analysist and talk show host. His weekly show, Hutchinson’s Inside L.A., airs Saturdays at 9 a.m. on KPFK-Pacifica radio 90.7 FM and is streamed via kpfk.org.

“Fighting Back! A Citizen’s Guide to Combatting Racist Acts” is available on Amazon for 99 cents. Readers may enjoy an Amazon e-book free read until Jan. 19.