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BOOK CORNER: Author spotlights Los Angeles and virtual fame in new book

By Marissa Wells

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Virtual Velocity: An L.A. Story,” by Anthony Mora, is the story of Jake Jenson, a successful author.

The book spans six decades and follows Jake from his teenaged years through his journey as a rock journalist and struggling literary novelist before ultimately becoming a world-famous author.

“Virtual Velocity” was in part inspired by the author’s work during the 1980s as a rock journalist.

“I pulled a lot from that time,” Mora said.

“Virtual Velocity” is also very much centered around Los Angeles and has been described as a “love letter to L.A.”

“I really love the city and I wanted to capture that,” Mora said. “I wanted the city to be one of the characters in the book instead of just where it takes place.”

Mora, a Texas native, moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. It was important for the author to make the city more than just his book’s setting.

“It starts in present time but then the lead character is being interviewed and he tells the story to the journalist of his journey getting to where he is,” Mora said. “I wanted to capture L.A. during those times … what it was like in the 80s, what it was like in the mid 60s, because so much of the city has changed and it’s disappeared.”

“Virtual Velocity” will relate to readers of multiple backgrounds, especially those who enjoy rock and pop culture. “I hope they get a sense of the city and a sense of what it was like then and also I hope that they get to meet the characters,” Mora said.

It is the author’s intention for readers to connect with the characters on a deeper level.

“Maybe in the characters they’ll find a part of themselves that they identify with,” the author said. “To be able to have that kind of connection with the reader would be worth the whole thing.”

In addition to being an author, Mora is a playwright and operates a public relations firm where he represents authors and filmmakers. He is based in Los Angeles.

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“Virtual Velocity: An L.A. Story” is available for $16.95 (paperback) and $5.99 (e-book) via, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and local book stores.

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