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BOOK CORNER: Author spreads importance of love and peace

Love and peace are powerful forces, yet many people have not learned how to use their love in a way that builds peace.

If you would like to learn more about the immense power of love and peace, you must read, “Love, Peace and Sweet Tea,” by Leeza Lee Barr.

This new author charges the spirit to rise as she presents a book filled with uplifting and thought-provoking poems and a compelling short story that no doubt will inspire readers of all backgrounds.

Leeza Lee Barr

Inside her book, readers can find poetry that tackles love, peace, spirituality and romance. Barr’s favorite poem, “The God in Me,” was inspired by the way God has touched her life. The poem encourages each reader to have hope, to be who they are, to love and to share their love with the world.

“There are many motivational and self-help books but ‘Love, Peace and Sweet Tea’ is a call to action,” Barr said. “When sipped daily, the reader goes on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.”

Inspiration for the book’s title came from the author’s passion for love, peace and her penchant for sweat tea, which was a staple at family gatherings. Barr’s yen for peace and humanity was fostered in her at a young age by her parents. As a pre-teen, she began speaking out about love and unity at her church and in her community.

Her mission as an author is to motivate others to be more loving and builders of peace. Barr is a native of Oxberry, Mississippi, and the mother of three sons. She is a registered nurse and a longtime resident of the Leimert Park community of Los Angeles.

“Love, Peace and Sweat Tea” may be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $15 (softcover) or $22 (hardcover).