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BOOK CORNER: Author tackles mental health in ‘Depression Wears Lipstick’

“Depression Wears Lipstick,” by Toi Nichelle, tackles mental health in a way that not only compels you to think but also to act.

Inside the book, readers follow the journey of Nichelle as she explores the origin of her depression, suicide attempts, when she decided to act on becoming better and how she fought her way through.

“‘Depression Wears Lipstick’ was birthed out of my desire to see myself healthy, happy and whole,” said the author. “I believe that depression is real and if you don’t take the time to help yourself, it can be a dangerous and unfulfilling time of your life.”

Specific battles Nichelle shares include unaddressed childhood trauma and negative church experiences.

“I battled depression; and the stigma about past trauma in the black family and inside the church needs to be discussed,” said the author. “I wanted to create more conversation and help build a bridge of support amongst those facing depression.”

In addition to sharing her journey, she provides space within her book for readers to journal about their own experiences. There are interactive spaces within the chapters as well.

“There’s a chapter where I talk about forgiveness and I list some of the things I had to understand and I had to forgive,” Nichelle said. “Within the chapter I’ll ask the reader what are some of the things they feel they’ve been holding on to for a long period of time and there’s space for the reader to jot them down, if they wish.”

“Depression Wears Lipstick” will serve as an outlet for those who feel depressed, broken, abused and silenced.

“My intended audience is 21 plus because it deals with carrying the baggage into your adulthood and working to find your way,” Nichelle said. “I hope that readers will begin to understand that they are not alone and that while having depression is difficult, it is not impossible to live your best life.”

In addition to being an author, Nichelle works for the superior court and serves as an ambassador of the Gilman International Scholarship. She lives in the Bay Area. For more information about the author, visit

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