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BOOK CORNER: Author takes Angelenos through space and time

Actress, occultist and bohemian adventurer Ingrid Redstone travels to Los Angeles in search of the legendary Hole in the Sky, which is said to be a portal to the Aztec afterlife.

On the far side of the whole, Ingrid meets Mictlantecuhtli, an ancient and bloodthirsty deity. Ingrid is the first living being Mictlanteculhti has ever met.

As the two build a mutual and dangerous fascination with each other, will Ingrid choose to become the privileged yet powerless queen of the dead or will she thwart her supernatural lover’s unnatural ambitions?

Find out in “Red Witch: The Tale of Ingrid Redstone” by Los Angeles native, Sean Patrick Traver.

“Red Witch” came from the author’s fascination with the rich history of Los Angeles.

Sean Patrick Traver

“Buildings and landmarks often lack the age and permanence they have in other cities, but the ghosts of film pioneers, rancheros, oil barons, native communities and early explorers remain,” Traver said. “Ingrid Redstone became for me a character who could explore those deposits of memory…”

The supernatural thriller has received favorable reviews online since its debut last month. The book will take readers on a tour of Los Angeles’ past and present as it jumps around the city in both time and space.

Traver hopes “Red Witch” allows his readers to see a side of L.A. they haven’t seen before and that they will be interested in reading his future books.

In addition to novels, Traver has written numerous short stories and novellas. He currently lives in North Hollywood and works at the classic used bookstore, Iliad Bookshop.

He is a graduate of Cal State Northridge, where he studied English literature and creative writing.

“Red Witch: The Tale of Ingrid Redstone” is available for $14.99 (paperback) or $2.99 (Kindle) on