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BOOK CORNER: Author uplifts readers with new poetry book

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Gift of Victory” by Nieema T. Peyrefitte is a short collection of poems that aims to be a source of encouragement to the hearts, souls and spirits of those who read them.

Peyrefitte, who has been writing poetry since she was 10, has always had a personal goal of composing and publishing a book.

“I know how fulfilling and rewarding it is to experience the manifestation of a true God-given gift and I wanted to be diligent in curating the things that I have written to provide something uplifting and hopefully inspire others to step out of their comfort zone,” Peyrefitte said.

The collection includes poems that speak to general issues that women face, issues faced by black Americans, and some pieces that focus on religion and spirituality.

“May they be a gentle reminder that no matter how unworthy we feel, and no matter what the world may hurl at us, we have a pre-paid gift at our disposal that never depreciates in value — the gift of victory,” Peyrefitte added.

The author’s favorite poem in the book is “Masterpiece.”

NIeema Peyrefitte

“I struggled with self-esteem for a large portion of my life and when I started to view myself through God’s eyes, with the confidence that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in his image, I felt a shift in my perception and started regarding myself as a true work of art, a ‘masterpiece,’” Peyrefitte said.

“The Gift of Victory” will resonate with readers of all backgrounds. The author’s intended audience includes “anyone that is searching for consolation in challenging situations, and those seeking renewal, reassurance and readjustment in their daily lives.”

“My hope is that readers will be encouraged by the personal truths, testimonies and triumphs revealed through each selection, and that it will create opportunities to examine themselves and refocus on what’s important,” Peyrefitte said.

In addition to being an author, Peyrefitte is a resource specialist for high school students with mild to moderate disabilities. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughters.

“The Gift of Victory” is available for $7.99 on Amazon.