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BOOK CORNER: Author writes memoir promoting racial healing

“Affirmed: Life Lessons in Racial Healing and Transformation,” a new memoir by Sheli Turner, breaks the silence about being biracial in America. It chronicles the love, heartache and resiliency of a life transformed through racial healing.

“My book was inspired by my truths, being an individual surrounded by affirmation, encouragement and love — the decisions my family made to be a family, ensuring that my life could be different,” Turner said. “I thought that perhaps if I offered my story as lessons to others, that I could not just tell a story, but share learning.”

Written as a compilation of 13 life lessons, “Affirmed” begins with lessons Turner learned as a young girl, followed by lessons that she found important as a young adult, ending with lessons that were important to her as an adult woman decision maker.

A snapshot of the author’s life is included with each lesson shared. Some of the lessons found in the book include intention, brilliance, resilience and forgiveness.

“Each of the lessons is really about decisions people should make if they want to look beyond race and if they want to be transformative in their approaches to how they search for the humanity of another person,” Turner said.

“I felt I could offer an authentic, thoughtful response to the social conflicts regarding black/white division that are keeping our American society in crisis.”

“Affirmed” is intended for young adult readers and older adults who are curious about humanity, family, race, politics and social justice.

“I hope readers gain a deeper understanding for how racial superiority systems cripple the potential of human relationships, and that this country has been

notorious for engendering this perspective,” Turner said.

In addition to being an author, Turner is the CEO of a health care company and the executive director of the Black Alumni Association at USC. She also is a mother and involved in her community. She lives in Los Angeles.

“Affirmed: Life Lessons in Racial Healing and Transformation” is available for $26.95 (hardcover), $19.95 (paperback) and $14.99 (ebook) on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and it can be ordered from most booksellers.