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BOOK CORNER: Author’s life journey becomes foundation for ‘Trap Gyrl’ story

Once her mother is locked away, Cash Lopez is left to run a million-dollar drug empire. Everything is going well for Cash, she’s operating two successful businesses, she’s single and a bonafide trap girl.

When Brooklyn, an attractive thug, captures her heart, her right-hand man and lover, Que, will do anything to keep his title and place in her heart.

In “Trap Gyrl” by Barbie Scott, take a journey with Cash Lopez as she dodges both heartbreaks and bullets.

“Trap Gyrl” was inspired by the author’s own life lessons.

“I literally grew up in a trap and it was my mother’s trap house,” Scott said. “I wanted to show the world that a woman can dominate the game just like a man. … I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes.”

An author of more than two dozen books, Scott is known for creating authentic characters and stories that women can relate to. “Trap Gyrl,” the first in a series of five books, is intended for urban readers and readers who enjoy romance.

“Don’t let the title confuse you, … Cash Lopez deals with things we deal with every day as women,” Scott said. “Lust, love and heartache.”

In it, the author also addresses some of the stereotypes that people may have for trap industry workers and shows their humanity. The book highlights happenings in the trap business, family dynamics, womanhood and more.

“People underestimate ‘Trap Gyrl,’” Scott said. “They think it’s about a lot of drug dealing and whatever else people want to think of when they hear the word ‘trap’ but this book is about love…”

The author’s favorite character in the book is the protagonist, Cash Lopez.

“She has a big heart, she’s very caring, she’s very loving … and at the same time she has this hardcore exterior,” Scott said. “She will shoot first and ask questions never.”

In addition to being an author, Scott is a tax preparer, wife and mother. She lives in Los Angeles. She is currently working on her latest book “Stealing the Plug’s Heart.” To learn more about Scott please visit her website,

“Trap Gyrl” is available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and Pricing starts at $10.99 and book bundle deals are available on the author’s website. Books purchased from her website can be signed by the author.