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BOOK CORNER: Author’s novel highlights importance of family bonds

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“We All Have a Story” by Tiffanye Paige is an entertaining novel that reflects the importance of familial bonds.

The book is centered around a family that goes through trials and tribulations but, no matter what they go through, they always stick together.

Instances of addiction, infidelity, murder and redemption are a few of the issues that Paige highlights in her debut book.

She said she was inspired by her own family to create the book.

“We are a very colorful bunch of people who have a lifetime of different stories and things that have happened to us over the course of the years,” Paige said.

The book will keep readers hooked from cover to cover. Readers can expect to laugh and cry at some points, but most importantly they can expect to see how anything is possible when you have the love and support of your family.

Tiffanye Paige

The author’s target audience is females from age 18 to 54, but the stories in the book resonate with a universal audience.

“It is my hope that readers will gain a love, respect and admiration for their own families,” Paige said. “Because in the end, no matter how good or bad, our family will always be there.”

In addition to being an author, Paige is a social worker who lives in Maryland with her family.

Due to the success of “We All Have a Story,” Paige is working on a second part to the book that she hopes to release at the start of next year. To keep up with the author, visit

“We All Have a Story” is available for $20 on or any major outlet such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon.