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BOOK CORNER: Bittyrina GiGi learns to conquer new experiences in book series

The “Very First” book series by Brett Lindsay Murphy introduces readers to Bittyrina GiGi, a young girl embarking on her first of many dance experiences.

The three-book children’s series starts with “The Very First Ballet Class for a Bittyrina,” where readers are walked through the moments leading up to GiGi’s first ballet class where she learns that preparation is the key to suppressing the anxiety that students endure while training to become an expert.

In book two, “The Very First Dance Party for a Bittyrina,” GiGi learns the importance of planning a successful party. In “The Very First Dance Camp for a Bittyrina,” GiGi learns that something that’s outside of her regular routine may seem a little daunting but she must trust that her supporters have her best interest in mind.

“Each book was crafted to give beginners a boost of confidence and to emphasize the value of preparation as the key to accomplishing and tackling major goals,” Murphy said.

The series introduces coping mechanisms to early readers that will aid them as they encounter big moments for the first time.

“Nervousness and anxiety are not discussed with children enough, especially in minority communities,” Murphy said. “First-time experiences can be fraught with emotion and fear but there is a first time for everything.”

The series will help reassure young readers that they are not the only ones who feel a wide range of emotions when trying things for the first time.

“My sincere hope is that the ‘Very First’ book series helps beginners become more comfortable with being a novice,” the author said. “The beginning of every journey toward expertise is pushing through the discomfort of starting.” 

There is a free workbook available that can be downloaded on as a supplement to the books or for use outside of the series.

In addition to being an author, Murphy works as a business consultant and operates her brand, Bittyrina, and her publishing company. She is currently working on two new books that are set to be released this summer. She lives in Sherman Oaks. For more information, visit

Each “Very First” book is available for $9 or the whole series may be purchased for $25 on