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BOOK CORNER: Book of prose, poetry lifts author’s spirit

As a young black woman, Camari Carter suddenly found herself facing serious physical and emotional health problems. She was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, a condition that causes the thyroid to overproduce hormones.

Carter said she felt “broken” during that challenging time. She ultimately found the balance she was searching for through writing.

In her book “Death by Comb,” Carter charges the spirit to rise as she shares intimate narratives of “combing” through the knots of her life. She hopes the book will help readers understand the seriousness of thyroid disease.

Her experiences helped Carter relate to others battling the complexities of life as they reach adulthood. She understood that for some of her readers, life changes including major health issues could seem overwhelming and make for a harsh reality check out in the “real world.”

With a writing style described as “evocative, painful, yet triumphant and witty,” Carter is sure to resonate with a wide audience. Through the many topics addressed, the author hopes readers will see a mirror image of themselves within the pages of her book.

Camari Carter
Camari Carter

Carter holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from Abilene Christian University and a masters of arts in organizational management from Ashford University. She will soon perform her poetry and speak on racial tension at Abilene Christian.

The South Los Angeles native said she intends not only to rock the world with her words, but also to help other artists and artistic brands. Carter currently puts together workshops to help authors and artists get organized, and build and amplify their online platforms.

In addition to being an author and writer, Carter enjoys photography and singing.

“Death by Comb” is available for $20 at,, and Amazon.