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BOOK CORNER: Book offers different styles for those who enjoy poetry

Don Agey has always loved the English language. He wrote poetry for a long time but began to wonder what to do with it besides putting it in a notebook and storing it on a shelf.

He then decided to share his poetry with others in “Second Harvest,”published by Xlibris.

The book was featured in this month’s Reader’s Digest magazine.

As in his first book, “Eclectic Harvest,” “Second Harvest” is a stew of different styles of poetry; metric and free and whatever other styles that may come to mind. There are also limericks and haiku.

“This book will appeal to those who enjoy reading, beginning poets and hardened weathered literary laureates,” Agey said. “These poems give readers a sense of peace, a dose of laughter and a moment separate from the world and its travail.” 

A stanza from one of Agey’s poems that did follow him forever:

“I think and ponder lyric thought/and quatrains quite profound/then worry that it works as ought/when poetic foot meets ground

Agey was born and raised in California. After four years in the Navy, he returned to California for college. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UCLA.

After several jobs, he settled into security for NASA. He served almost 20 years as a security police officer. He is retired now and living quietly in California with his two cats.

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“Second Harvest” is available in hardcover, softcover and ebook form from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.