BOOK CORNER: Book shows readers how to make relationship stick

September 29, 2017

“Superglue Your Love Relationship,” by author, speaker, and Grammy-nominated artist Kevin Toney, presents a relationship book that will help couples “superglue” or “rebond” a relationship.

The concept of the book began during the author’s personal quest to be a better husband and to share his newfound realizations with others.

His book is intended for married couples, those looking to get married and those wanting to superglue their dating relationship. Inside “Super Glue Your Love Relationship,” readers will discover how to take their relationship to the next level through the practical and spiritual steps of behavioral changes Toney presents.

“No matter where you are in your relationship, there is room to further grow and bond your relationship,” Toney said.

His book may inspire readers to build or rebuild a healthy relationship. Toney’s book is unique because it’s based on his personal journey of being able to change his behavior and the steps he went about doing it.

Kevin Toney

“I’m an everyday kind of guy who is sharing my positive experience on how I was able to superglue my relationship,” Toney said.

Toney’s goal for his book is that “readers will have a powerful, clear, and easy to understand written resource to help bond and grow their love relationship.”

His hope is that through his book, readers come to know that “marriage is about having a journey together with your mate that is loving, exciting, and fulfilling.”

On Oct. 14 Toney will participate in a book signing from 3 to 5 p.m. at Windsor Hills Christian Book Center.

The author lives with his wife of 38 years in the San Fernando Valley. To learn more about the author, visit

“Super Glue Your Love Relationship” is available for $15 on Amazon and