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BOOK CORNER: Book targets power of therapy and faith

There are many stigmas about men, especially black men, and therapy.

In “Love Is an Inside Job,” author Romal Tune takes readers on his journey of discovering himself and experiencing wholeness through a combination of faith and therapy.

“The primary assumption with young men and therapy is that they think the whole idea of needing help is a sign of weakness, and that’s not the reality,” Tune said.

In his book, readers will encounter many of the author’s detailed life experiences that are not only authentic but raw. His goal was to share his journey so that others could experience the same for themselves.

The book was inspired by Tune’s desire to overcome the impact of past pain, to demonstrate that family trauma and inner turmoil do not have to define the story of a person’s life, and to facilitate conversations around self-love, healing relationships and more.

Romal Tune

“I want men who read my book, and women readers who care about men, to experience the freedom that comes with emotional health and wellness,” Tune said.

Tune hopes readers will understand that self-love is a requirement to truly love others and that they learn to let go of the stigmas about therapy, especially among men.

“It is my hope that men will be inspired to do their own inner work to heal hidden hurts, especially related to father issues, relationships, intimacy, empathy, toxic masculinity, neglect, trust and even church hurt.”

In addition to being an author, Tune is a full-time public speaker and the vice president of strategic partnerships at TMS Global. He lives in Atlanta.

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“Love Is an Inside Job: Getting Vulnerable with God” is available for $14.99 at all major book retailers, both online and in stores.