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BOOK CORNER: Child author spreads joy with ‘The Happy Bunny’

“The Happy Bunny,” by 6-year-old Aleah Hannibal Jones is a timely story that celebrates happiness and difference.

The book is filled with original artwork by Jones along with text and interviews conducted by her 8-year-old brother, Caleb. Each picture in the book is meant to evoke feelings of joy from the person who views the picture and also for the person who reads the text.

“I thought it was important to draw pictures, so that you can already think about what the story is about when you see the first page,” Jones said. “I think you don’t always need words I think pictures show you things without using words sometimes.”

Jones wrote “The Happy Bunny” at the age of 5 following encouragement of her brother.

“She’s really young and so I like to push her a little,” Caleb said.

Jones’ debut book was inspired by her passion for drawing and her desire to create “something interesting.”

In addition to the original drawings, the book includes information about what inspires the author.

“Well, I thought that reading a book was a way for other people to know that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how tall you are, you can still write a book whenever you want,” Jones said.

Some of the stories are about a polar bear, a bunny, princesses, a house and more.

Aleah’s favorite story inside is of the polar bear who had a baby.

“I feel like I worked really hard on that one,” Jones said.

“‘The Happy Bunny’ talks about happiness but it also articulates the value of people, places and things,” said Jones’ father, Norm. “If you really stop to look around you and take in what and who is around you, there are lots of sources of happiness; and it reminds you that we kind of need each other and we need nature.”

In addition to being an author and grade school student, Jones enjoys reading, art, gymnastics, dance, horseback riding, fashion and swimming. She hopes to publish more books in the future.

Jones lives with her family in Amherst, Massachusetts. To keep up with the author and her work visit Instagram @ac_innovates.

“The Happy Bunny” is available for $20 on Amazon and at Collective Copies in Amherst, Massachusetts.