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BOOK CORNER: Children’s book encourages absent fathers to stay in touch

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Many children face the reality of having absent fathers. In “Things I Wish You Knew,” author and educator Melanie Lightbourn-Rowe, addresses the sensitive subject.

Her book follows the journey of a child who has a tender conversation with his absent father, informing him of milestones he is missing as the child grows. The son encourages his father to join him on this journey when he gets ready to do so.

The book was inspired by a conversation Lightbourn-Rowe had with her boys regarding the absence of their father from their life.

“I was trying to explain it to them the best that I could but I wondered how many other children had that same feeling of confusion, angst and maybe even a little bit of anger,” Lightbourn-Rowe said.

“Things I Wish You Knew” promotes healthy relationships with absent fathers and their children through inspiring connections to be made where relationships have been neglected.

Melanie Lightbourn-Rowe

Readership for this book spans from the age of 10 and beyond.

“Adults have commented that ‘The feelings of abandonment are real, and this book made me realize that forgiveness is also important to my own healing,’” the author said. “We must begin the conversation and after starting it, continue to spread the word.”

In addition to being an author and educator, Lightbourn-Rowe conducts speaking engagements around the topic of absent fathers. She is working on a new children’s book, “Am I Still Daddy’s Girl?,” that is set to debut in the coming months.

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“Things I Wish You Knew” is available for $10 (plus shipping and handling). To purchase a copy, visit or email the author at