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BOOK CORNER: Children’s book examines difficult topic to discuss

Sexual abuse is a difficult subject for most people to discuss, especially for parents to discuss with their children. In “Hey! I’m Not Okay With That!,” author Andrean Jacobs sheds light on this serious topic.

Jacobs recognizes that as difficult as the topic may be, child sexual abuse is a serious and unfortunately, common problem that affects both boys and girls. Her book teaches children to use their voices to speak out against uncomfortable touching.

“We’re in a time now where so many children are being hurt and being touched and they don’t know that they have a voice to speak out against that,” Jacobs said. “My book helps parents spark that dialogue but it also empowers children to speak out against uncomfortable touching.”

“Hey! I’m Not Okay With That!” is the author’s second children’s book and her work with children inspired her to create this important reading tool for families.

Andrean Jacobs

“Working in education, I come across so many children and I hear horrific stories of child victims,” Jacobs said. “Hearing that children didn’t know that they had a voice to speak out against it inspired me to create a book that speaks to children at a young age. If we educate them at a young age, we can prevent more of this tragedy from occurring.”

The author hopes the young readers of her book will gain empowerment and that parents will be encouraged to have this tough dialogue with their children. The book is written at a first or second grade reading level.

In addition to being an author, Jacobs works as a community services supervisor. She lives in Long Beach with her family.

“Hey! I’m Not Okay With That!” is available for $10 on,,, and other online sites that sell books.