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BOOK CORNER: Compton writer describes her path to become a physician’s assistant

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

In “The Compton Diagnosis,” Compton native Natalie Houser dismantles the city’s negative stereotypes through sharing her own success story and offers help to those who may face similar circumstances in life.

The book was inspired by the obstacles Houser overcame on her journey into medicine and her desire to help people find their passion in life.

“I had come across so many students who thought their life was over or that they would never be a doctor just because of their surroundings, life challenges and even grades,” Houser said. “I needed to tell my story to help motivate others, regardless of their obstacles.”

While “The Compton Diagnosis” offers professional support for physician assistant students, the book can reach a universal audience and serve as a source of encouragement to those that may be filled with doubt as a result of their past or current surroundings.

The vulnerable and relatable tale will no doubt inspire readers to not give up on their dreams, to seek out mentors and to take positive steps toward their goals. Each chapter emphasizes that failure is not permanent and that everyone is capable of overcoming obstacles faced in life.

“People too often give themselves a diagnosis of failure based on their experiences and perception of life,” Houser said. She believes “not all diagnoses are terminal and wants survivors to honor the cards they’ve been dealt in life, learn the tools to defeat those odds and overcome all stumbling blocks, whether they’re academic, financial, physical, mental or social.”

Natalie Houser

It’s her hope that readers gain “a true understanding that failure is not permanent and if you continue to work hard, you will succeed.”

In addition to being an author and physician assistant, Houser conducts speaking engagements surrounding her book and journey. To connect with the author or to book a speaking engagement email or contact her via social media at @nataliehouserpa on Instagram and Twitter and @The Compton Diagnosis on Facebook.

On Nov. 3, Houser will host a meet and greet/book signing from 10 a.m. to noon at Patria Coffee, 108 Alameda St., Compton.

“The Compton Diagnosis” is available for $17.99 on and at Eso Won Books. The kindle version is available for $11.99.