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BOOK CORNER: Couple tests their love in ‘Better off Friends’

Lust at first sight brought Ashlynn and Eli together; and with Ashlynn’s daughter they became a family. But when their respective wild pasts catch up to them, will it bring their happy ever after goals to a screeching halt?

Find out in “Better off Friends” by Inglewood native, Kristin Hurd.

Hurd was inspired to write this book following the success of her first book, “One of a Kind,” where the characters of Ashlynn and Eli also were featured.

“After writing my first book, I wanted to write more,” Hurd said. “I wanted to tell Eli’s story so I figured out a way to spin that.”

Eli is Hurd’s favorite character because of his relaxed personality and she wanted to create a book where she could tell his story. What the author enjoys most about this book is watching the two main characters realize what they really want out of a relationship.

Kristen Hurd

Hurd is known for producing authentic relationships in her romance fiction novels. Her stories are filled with character growth and with real people experiencing real issues ultimately coming to a realization about what they want and need.

“I always want my readers to leave with a feeling of hope,” Hurd said. “That even a person who is seemingly a bad egg can get on the right path.”

Hurd is currently working on two new books. One will be a romance fiction and the other is a children’s book. The author lives in Inglewood with her young daughter.

Hurd loves hearing from her readers and can be contacted via social media at @luvlymskrissy on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

“Better off Friends” is available for $7 (paperback) and $2.99 (e-book) on Amazon.