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BOOK CORNER: Daughter reconnects with father in ‘Tree Hugger’

A young girl tragically loses her dad in a car accident. Sometime after the accident, the girl discovers that her dad has been reincarnated as a tree.

As she adjusts to this new reality, she is quickly met with opposition that just might threaten the newfound connection she’s received with the tree version of her father.

That’s the basis of “Tree Hugger” by Jaz Akerele, who was inspired by his infant daughter to write the book.

“I wanted my little girl to read literature where she could see herself as strong, tenacious and brave without the assistance of a male character,” Akerele said. “Most young adult books featuring young women or girls don’t have them as the leading character and in the event they are the leading character they are often depicted as dependent on a male character for rescue or help.”

“Tree Hugger” can resonate with young and older readers of all backgrounds. Akerele hopes that his book will inspire both female and male readers to see the strong qualities of women.

Jaz Akerele

“I hope readers, particularly young women, will gain a sense of their voice, strength and bravery,” Akerele said. “Women are the cornerstone to life and that should be respected. And to young male readers, this is how we should see women.”

The book will not only take readers on an emotional roller coaster but it will inspire them as well, as they witness the highs and lows of one girl’s search for her identity in the midst of all that she has lost.

In addition to being an author, Akerele is an information technology consultant who lives in Sherman Oaks with his wife and 9-month-old daughter.

“Tree Hugger” is available for $8.99 (soft-cover) and $3.99 (Kindle) on