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BOOK CORNER: ‘Diamonds and Curlz’ takes look behind Prince’s purple curtain

“Diamonds and Curlz: 29 Years Rolling with Rock Royalty” by Kim Berry, offers an inside look into the life of musician Prince. Readers will get a more in depth look at Prince the husband, the friend, philanthropist and more as Berry takes them on a journey behind the purple curtain.

Berry, who worked with Prince as his hairstylist, assistant and in other roles for nearly three decades, wanted to create a book for fans of Prince through the lens of someone who knew him. She was inspired to step away from speculation and offer readers an authentic story of the famous musician.

“I wanted to tell the fans about the personal side of Prince; the day-to-day view as a man, husband and friend,” Berry said. “Everyone saw him as a rock star but at the end of the day, he knew that he was a vessel sent here by God to bring music, love and light to the world.”

Fans can expect to learn things about Prince that they did not know before.

“A lot of people know about his record sales, concerts, ticket sales and things like that; I’m not dealing with any of that; I’m taking them on a journey behind the purple curtain, showing them the familiar side of Prince, the funny side, the giving side…,” Berry said. “I want them to know how giving he was and how beautiful an individual he was.”

It was important for Berry to produce an authentic depiction of Prince.

“I hope readers will gain insight into who Prince really was as a human being … special yes … but perfectly imperfect like the rest of us,” Berry said.

Readers of “Diamonds and Curlz” will laugh and cry as Berry shares her journey with Prince. This is the first of three volumes that Berry will produce spotlighting her almost three-decade career with the musical artist. Volumes two and three will focus on the remaining two decades of her work with him.

In addition to being an author and celebrity hair stylist, Berry is a beauty expert, speaker and philanthropist. She is based in Los Angeles. To learn more about the author visit

“Diamonds and Curlz: 29 Years Rolling with Rock Royalty” is available for $25 (paperback) and $9.99 (Kindle) on and Amazon.