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BOOK CORNER: Entertainment industry veteran shares ‘10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets That Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry,” by Los Angeles native Cheryl Cobb, offers readers an inside look at 10 important rules that are not often addressed but that occur over and over again in the entertainment industry.

“These are career-breaking secrets that could kill your spirit or catapult you into a breakthrough,” Cobb said. 

“10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets” was inspired by the author’s desire to speak the truth about the secrets she’s discovered throughout her career that has spanned over two decades.

“I wanted to offer a real-time understanding of how industry scars can affect you,” Cobb said. “I’ll you give insight that will help you navigate through the scars.”

The book consists of 10 chapters filled with raw and authentic stories of Cobb’s experiences.

“My favorite part of the book is chapter 1, ‘You are going to get fired,’” Cobb said. “Everybody gets fired once in their lifetime and the one thing that most people have in common after being fired is it hurts.”

Cobb offers readers practical tools concerning the recovery process after getting fired, picking battles, setting boundaries with friends and business relationships, and much more. She assures readers that the secrets are not gossip in nature, but simple, straightforward and empowering to readers.

The practical tools shared in her book will attract the interest of readers and enlighten them about the entertainment industry and how to navigate it.

“10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets” is intended for anyone interested in entering the entertainment industry. The book can also appeal to veteran entertainers that “need a reminder that they are not alone but absolutely right about their experiences.”

“This book offers you a positive and constructive way forward,” the author said. “It’s important for me to offer a manual to help people avoid simple milestones by providing practical tips and solutions.”

In addition to being an author, Cobb is an entertainment manager and producer. She is based in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work visit

“10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets That Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry” is available for $15 (Kindle), $20 (Soft cover), $25 (Hard cover) on via, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.