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BOOK CORNER: Family relationship revived through music in ‘Voices’

Legendary singer-songwriter Tom Timoreaux has decided to come out of retirement and reunite his band, The Fever, for a national tour.

When his background singer cannot tour, he decides to hire his estranged daughter, Christine, as a background singer. Tom hopes that by bringing his daughter on the road with him, they will work on healing their relationship. As the duo gain in popularity, Tom’s long-lost daughter, Annalisa, surfaces and must decide whether or not she has the strength to reach out to the father she thought had died.

In the novel, “Voices” by Independent Publisher Book Award winner Robert Yehling, readers will be taken on a journey that highlights the power of love, healing and music.

“The book is all about how one develops their authentic voice as a singer and also finds her voice in a relationship with her father,” Yehling said.

“Voices” speaks volumes to the importance of the relationship between fathers and daughters.

Robert Yehling

Yehling recognized that it is common for parents and children to not resolve relationship issues until the child reaches young adulthood. In his novel, he wanted to showcase the incredible joy that estranged family members have when they are able to achieve the relationship that they ultimately wanted.

The tour that Yehling presents in “Voices” will no doubt take music lovers through the past as they journey through decades of rock and roll and pop music in America.

Yehling has authored 12 books and is the co-author or ghostwriter of eight others. He is currently working on two new books. In addition to being an author, Yehling is a father and the head cross country coach at a high school. He lives in Oceanside.

“Voices” is available for $18.95 on, online book sellers, and major book stores.