BOOK CORNER: Family shares story to help others heal

September 22, 2017

Sexual assault is a topic that many people are afraid to discuss.

In her memoir, “Feeding A Monster,” author Veronica Loving and her daughter Jazzmine Jackson put their voice to the issue.

“Feeding a Monster” is an authentic story that readers will be able to relate to and it is told from the perspective of Loving and her daughter.

The book was inspired by a tragedy that struck Loving’s family and destroyed her marriage. As she watched her husband’s trial, she “began to develop a sense of responsibility to expose his predatory behavior in order to bring awareness to the issues of date rape, sexual assault and rape.”

Loving also addresses post-traumatic stress disorder, the importance of self-worth and more.

Veronica Loving

It was important for Loving to tell her family’s story in order to help others who may face similar circumstances.

“I think that when you become a victim you have a choice,” Loving said. “You can stay a victim or do something about it. It was my duty to speak out and help others get through it as well.”

She hopes her book inspires readers.

“I hope they develop a sense of self-worth and value which leads to wiser decisions in their own lives,” Loving said. “I hope they use my story to identify possible predators in their lives and have the courage to stand up against them and protect themselves and their families.”

The intended audience ranges from teen-age girls to adult women. The book is not only educational but can also be therapeutic to those who face issues similar to those highlighted in the book.

In addition to being an author, Loving is a mother and grandmother, registered nurse, motivational speaker, spiritual practitioner and playwright. She lives in Pasadena.

“Feeding a Monster” is available for $15.99 on and


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